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We homeschool the nerds. It gives our family the freedom and space to learn together. We encourage their individual interests and try our best to help their curiosity flourish. Schedules are for the birds. (Actually they are for really organized, awesome people...and I am only one of those things. wink.) Sometimes we break the rules and shake off a classroom day for a spur of the moment museum visit or a bike ride at the beach. We take nature walks. Philly is da bomb at Spanish and can read a radar map better than most trained meteorologists. Niamh can talk your ear off about King Tut, the Beatles, Anne Frank, and the Titanic. Homeschooling is just awesome sauce. I love when we are sitting on the kitchen floor, books spread across the rug, music humming in the background, and (together) learning about the beautiful, wild world in which we live.

You can click on the links for homemade print-outs that we have used. They are free (wa-hoo) and hopefully your kids will find them useful and kinda fun.

*If you are a crafter/stamper and want to snag one, don't email me and ask. Just do it. I am happy for you to use them, too. Please make sure you use them under the same terms and conditions applied to my stamps.

**Please note, the views/beliefs apparent in some of the worksheets may differ greatly from your own.