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about me
about me

What we believe:
Phil and I are evangelical Christians.

Why is there a pig in our kitchen?
Because we have a pet miniature pig. His name is August. He lives in our home and is the cutest thing ever. We also have an American Bulldog named Lilo and 2 guinea pigs, Cruz and Mystery.

Why we homeschool:
Freedom in learning methods. Exploring the kids interests in a more detailed way. Family time. Adventure-seeking. Creativity. And most of all, being in control of what our children learn and how they learn it.

What do we teach?
The same basic subjects that any 2nd and 5th grader learn. about. We put a major emphasis on the Bible, and enjoy discovering God's hand at work throughout our studies of the world. We spend a lot of time on geography and different cultures, math, Spanish, spelling, and Bible study. In science, we have chosen to teach from an evolution-creationist point of view, believing that evolution is the best explanation of the physical world around us and in no way impacts our Genesis theology.

Where are we located?
New Jersey (South Jersey to be specific). We are about 50 minutes from the beach and Philadelphia and within 2 hours of Washington DC and New York City.

What do we do for fun?
We love a good museum. We visit the beach as much as possible. We love the Yankees, Knicks, and NY Giants. We love The Walking Dead and take our zombie Sunday nights veeeeery seriously. We like to have Bible studies and game nights. Phil and I have memorized almost every line from The Office. It's a big deal. That's what she said;). We enjoy grilling burgers in the summer, spending the evenings relaxing on our patio.

I started blogging in 2010. Since then, my content and focus has changed dramatically. While I absolutely love to share craft and scrapbooking projects, my blog has grown to include lots of posts on our family, homeschooling, faith, and travels. More than anything, I want my blog to be an authentic place where I share our life with you. I post when I can and when I am inspired to write. Originally, I intended to blog daily, but found myself creating posts for the sake of filling space ... instead of extending the space in my heart already filled with thoughts to my blog. I do not allow blogging or my business to dictate my family time or schedule. It is a creative outlet that I love because it is always waiting for me... ready to be filled with crafts, stories, and family wanderings. My readers are an enormously huge blessing to me- like long lost, but ever-treasured friends. I have learned so much about the world through their shared experiences. I am forever grateful for the global community that blogging has opened up to me and our family.